Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to Make YOur Cat Loyal To You

If you are a cat lover and questioning how to make your pet cat more loyal to you, then this post is definitely handy for you. Unlike in dogs, you need to do a different approach to your furry friend to get his loyalty. Read more to learn the tips on how to make your cat  loyal to you

Is your cat loyal to you? Well,  your cats can do that. but before that, you need to be loyal too them as well.

The facts is that cats don’t do that loyalty at first. How a cat treats us is directly dependent on how we treat the cat.

*Cats are reciprocal.

Cats do not have any innate behaviors that drive them to form relationships. If offered love, they will respond. If ignored, or worse, mistreated, they will avoid contact.

*Getting loyalty from a cat requires giving it first.

We keep the routines running, we show an interest in them, we give affection. The cat will come to prefer spending time with us. They will seek us out to give us attention. They will hang out nearby because they want to look at us.

 Cats can follow us from room to room, if we spend enough time there for them to feel comfortable settling in. If we give the cat a chance to spend time with us when we will be still, this encourages them to be nearby, and even sleep on some part of us.

If we are going to be sitting down for a while, we should call in the cat and show them attention every so often. This will trigger their curiosity, as well as bestow affection on the cat.

They will look forward to their time with us and miss us when we are away. When they get a chance, they will make a big fuss over us.

And this is what we called Loyalty.

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