Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Exotic and Wild Beauty Of Bengal Cat

From  Crossing the two parent breed  of domestic feline   with an Asian leopard cat, You will get a Exotic and wild beautiful Bengal Cat breed.  This breed   is great for families that want a very unique and special cat that has a look of a wild animal on the outside but a loving and tender personality on the inside. Learn more about the bengal cat here

Bengal Cat Personality

This breed is a rare breed only few people and breeders the distinct personality and behavior of a bengal cat. 

> Domestic
> Smart
> Curious
> Confident
> Love to talk
> Love attention
> Active
> Sometimes Affectionate And Cuddly
>Love Water

More Pictures of Bengal Cat

If you are looking for a bengal cat for sale, asking question about his price. Expect to pay anywhere from 1500 USD to 5000 US. before buying a bengal cats, you may considering watching this funny video


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